Liquid delivery and metering device

Liquid delivery and metering device

  • Time of issue:2020-11-24

Liquid delivery and metering device

(Summary description)Centralized control of the slurry system, real-time and traceable plasticity data management;

  • Time of issue:2020-11-24
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Characteristics of slurry conveying system


Centralized control of the slurry system, real-time and traceable plastic data management;

The slurry in the tank is stirred at a constant temperature, the pipeline runs in circulation, and is fully sealed for transportation, which reduces the possibility of slurry sedimentation;

Repeated filtration and iron removal, equipped with vacuum pumping, nitrogen injection slurry protection function;

The pipe push is clean, and the online push is tracked.






Quantitative measurement of solution and glue



Flow monitoring and metering


The device is compact in structure, light in weight, low in pressure drop, and easy to maintain.

Its working principle is to control the rotation speed of the electric pump and the valve switch to complete the precise measurement after the material is automatically detected by the mass flowmeter.





Weighing monitoring measurement


Using loss-in-weight measurement method,

Load the material container and the material on the platform-type weighing element,

The load cell and weighing terminal are used to realize the actual quantity monitoring of materials. The weighing terminal can measure the reduction value of the actual weight per unit time.

Compare with the expected and weight reduction values that can be calculated from the set values. The difference between the two can be adjusted by changing the high and low speed valves.

The weighing controller can compensate for the impact caused by the drop in material flow characteristics,

As a result, higher accuracy is achieved.




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